Who is LUCID?

LUCID is the United Collective of Independent Designers. LUCID is comprised of award winning designers and architecture firms as well as highly talented individuals connected virtually across the globe celebrating each of their unique points of view. The differentiated points of view working together in collaboration puts out a better end product for our clients and elevates recognition for each partner’s brand and capabilities. In a world that is ever changing with professionals working in multiple fields, working when their lifestyle permits, or deciding to work forever, LUCID also provides the flexibility for all to contribute their expertise in a capacity that works for each unique individual.  We have met so many amazing firms and individuals already and look forward to you becoming a part of the LUCID community.

What We Achieve Together.

A trusted and shared network of talent creates collaboration opportunities for the best possible design.

Collaboration of the best design expertise results in truly visionary solutions.

Our community celebrates what each contributing partner brings to each individual endeavor.

The collective success benefits each individual, firm, and most importantly OUR CLIENTS.

A platform where we can provide mentoring and learning.

Why I Chose LUCID.

AMY ROBINS DEMPSEY, Principal, Studio Robins Dempsey, Austin

“Collaborating with other like minded talented firms is not only exciting and fun- but is extremely informative and growing. The projects LUCID brings to the table are design intense and of a scale our small firm wouldn’t normally be able to take on. Designing as a collaborative makes scaling up our firm to handle such projects a not so daunting reality.” 

GLEN COBEN, Founder and President, Glen & Co Architecture & Design, NYC / author of “An Architect’s Cookbook”

“As a small business owner, I love the idea of building a community of like-minded souls.  The creative process is the easy part of what we do.  The tough, get your hands dirty stuff is what separates the small firm from the larger ones.  LUCID creates a platform where we can share stories and successes and failures.  I believe this is the “we-work” of the design-world, and I am excited to be a part of this.” 

STACY CALLIGHAN AND FAITH HURLEY, Co-Founders, PinPoint Collective, Chicago

“LUCID is an opportunity for us to increase our impact across the world, stimulate our thought process and expand our collective knowledge alongside passionate clients and unprecedented collaborators.” 

BRINN MIRACLE, Founding Partner, Architangent, Houston

“As a small firm owner, it is exciting to have a network of high-achieving collaborators to work with. The broad experience range of independent designers brings a fresh perspective to every project, and allows my company to be nimble and competitive.” 


Want To Join Our Gang?

Interested in collaborating with us? Apply through the link below. Due to the high volume of applicants, we are doing our very best to get back with everyone as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding!