What is LUCID

LUCID is a platform and community for talented designers and unique individuals that benefit from collaborating with one another across the globe.  There is a nimbleness in small firms that allows them to be progressive and experimental, always trying new things and thinking about the future, while large firms provide stability and have the tools and resources that make them well-oiled machines.  LUCID is the best of both worlds.

For generations, options to navigate the architecture and design community have been limited.  LUCID, the United Collective of Individual Designers, is a new way of working in our industry, based on a platform that connects talented designers and specialists under one larger umbrella, while providing support to small firms and individuals. This gives our gang the ability to build the best of the best teams to create the best of the best work across the globe.

LUCID’s success is based on celebrating individuals and companies for their unique contributions.  In a world that is ever changing with professionals working in multiple fields or available when their lifestyle permits, LUCID provides the flexibility for talent to contribute their expertise in a capacity that fits their life.  Our gang has met so many amazing firms and individuals in forming LUCID and looks forward to expanding on our capabilities and talent as our platform grows.